Cubicle Drapery

Do you want to dress up the windows of your hospitals? if yes then provides the everlasting Cubicle Drapery Abu Dhabi at an incredibly low price range.

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Control Infectious Diseases With Our Cubicle Drapery Abu Dhabi

Hospitals are the host sites for transmitting infectious diseases. Cubicle draperies Abu Dhabi is the best choice by which you can carefully manage and prevent the spreading of such diseases. Our cubicle curtains, blinds, and drapes are made from such materials that will give you perfect cubicle drapery choices according to your needs and requirements.

Our nurse eyelet curtains (another name for cubicle curtains) are the best in providing you with medical and healthcare facilities. The cubicle track system of these curtains will help reduce the risk of infection spread.

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    We Craft Our Cubicle Drapery Abu Dhabi With Creativity

    We use high-quality fabrics to manufacture these cubicle privacy curtains. Our company uses a special fabric to create them that gives extra privacy, durability, and control against most infectious diseases as well.

    We fabricate cubicle drapery Abu Dhabi by using inherently flame retardant (IFR) fabric. This fabric has specific qualities, i.e. it is stain-resistant, can easily be washed, and treated with antimicrobial agents to give your surroundings a complete infection-free environment.

    Cubicle Drapery

    Technical Specifications Of Cubicle Curtains Abu Dhabi

    We manufacture these cubicle curtains with high-quality inherently flame retardant (IFR) fabric. You can also get these in different mesh fabrics blinds.

    The 100% nylon mesh for cubical curtains in Abu Dhabi comes with holes having 0.5 inches in diameter. The height is from 18 inches below a ceiling-mounted track to 10-12 inches from the floor. On the center, inserted in the top hem at 6 inches, there are 0.5-inch brass eyelets.

    Cubicle Drapery
    Cubicle Drapery

    Want Drapery Installation or Repair? We’re Ready To Start!

    Cubicle Drapery

    Get Custom Made Cubicle Draperies At Low Rates

    If you are facing a problem in getting cubicle drapery according to your requirements, then worry not. Fixit Abu Dhabi is here to help you cope with this situation.

    We provide our customers with customized clinical and hospital drapery Abu Dhabi, which fits exactly to your place and gives you the perfect functionalities that you wanted to have. We manufacture these draperies on demand and we offer the most competitive rates from the market as well.

    The Striking Benefits Of Our Cubicle Drapes Abu Dhabi

    By installing the drapery from you can enjoy the countless medical and privacy benefits. Some of the salient features of this drapery are as below:

    • Cubicle drapery Abu Dhabi includes an antimicrobial finish to avoid the transmission of infectious diseases.
    • These custom blinds and curtains give the perfect privacy.
    • Provide complete noise control for patients so that they do not become restless.
    • Avoid allergens and other contaminants as well.

    Let’s Have A Look on Our Wide Variety of Collections

    Take a look at our collection of Cubicle Drapes Abu Dhabi.

    Want Drapery Installation or Repair? We’re Ready To Start!

    Common Uses Of Cubicle Drapery In Abu Dhabi

    These cubicle curtains and blinds can be used in a vast number of places. The first and most common use of cubicle drapery is in the hospitals. Because of their antimicrobial and anti-viral properties, they are preferred to be used at hospitals as they lower down the risk of infection transmission.

    You can also install them in your private clinics to get better privacy and light control and avoid discomfort as well. These draperies are only used indoors commercially. Get in touch with us today to buy these draperies online in UAE.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

    What Is The Use Of Cubicle Drapery?

    The cubicle drapery is used to make partitions in the hospital to give patients dignity and privacy. They are noise blocking and avoid the spreading of infection because of their antimicrobial properties.

    After How Much Time, We Should Change The Cubicle Curtains?

    You should change these curtains quarterly or according to the infection control program of your hospital. This may lower down the risk of transmission of diseases and avoid allergens to remain in the building.

    How Often Should We Change Clinical Curtains?

    If you are using reusable curtains, then you must clean them at 60 degrees at least after every six months. Besides this, you must vacuum clean them once a week.

    Do Cubicle Drapery Block Noise?

    Yes, it is highly effective in blocking noise. With this property, you can take great care of your patients and avoid any type of disturbing and unpleasant noise that can cause discomfort.

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