Get Finest-grade Bathroom Renovation Dubai

Fixit Abu Dhabi offer top Bathroom Renovation for the most luxurious, long-lasting, and functional transformation of your bathroom interiors in UAE.

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Bathroom Renovation

Transform Your Bathrooms With Our Expert Bathroom Renovation Dubai

At Fixit Abu Dhabi, we offer renovation services to transform your lavatories and shower stalls into truly opulent and inviting spaces. We offer all kinds of remodeling & renovation servcies for residential and commercial bathrooms and you can benefit from our treatments for years straight. Whether you want to change the look of your bathroom, add some useful features to it, or need to give it a more spacious appearance, our wide and versatile services will provide for every need of yours.

Premium build quality, multi-functionality, damage resistance, ease of usage, and long-lasting elegance are the foremost beneficial aspects of our Bathroom Renovation Dubai.

We Offer Versatile Services For Bathroom Interior Improvements 

Our vast, precise, and cost-effective services will make you enjoy enhanced bathroom interiors in no time. The major services we provide in this regard are:

  • Full Bathroom Remodels

We rebuild the entire interior of your bathrooms and design its new layout according to your preferences and with multiple innovative additions.

  • Shower & Bathtub Installations

We add new, luxurious, and easy-to-use showers and bathtubs to your bathrooms and you can get complete shower stall renovations from us.

Bathroom Renovation Dubai
Bathroom Renovation
  • Vanity & Countertop Upgrades

We quickly and effectively improve the look of your bathroom vanities and countertops with high-quality materials like Granite, Quartz, Glass, or Corian.

  • Tile & Flooring Installations

Our premium-grade and entirely flawless and fast floor treatments will enhance the value, safety, insulation, energy efficiency, and air quality of your bathrooms.

  • Lighting & Plumbing Fixture Replacements

We seamlessly fix all the damaged MEP fixtures in your bathrooms or replace them with new sublime quality ones for convenient use.

Our Bathroom Renovation Projects

Take a look at our renovated bathroom in UAE.

Get Our Modern Bathroom Renovation Dubai At Budget Price

Improving or renovating your property doesn’t always have to break the bank; we provide affordable and long-term favorable solutions for all improvement concerns. Our restoom renovation services are not just completely budget-friendly but also highly value-for-money. Moreover, getting your bathrooms remodeled by us will ensure better hygiene and safety conditions for you.

As Fixit Abu Dhabi is best bathroom renovation company, We offer expert renovations for both small and large bathrooms and you can get all kinds of custom treatments as well. A well-designed and luxurious-looking bathroom will provide you with resale benefits too as you can enhance your property’s worth by many folds. Contact us today to get doorstep services right away!

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Fixit Abu Dhabi Is The Top-rated Bathroom Renovation Company

Why Choose Us?

Fixit Abu Dhabi is the best home decor specialist which will help you achieve all your decor and improvement goals in economical ways. Our Bathroom Renovation Dubai is a marvelous servicing spectrum that is widely popular among homeowners. In addition to all kinds of complete overhauls and cosmetic changes, we provide a range of custom treatments as well, helping you design your bathrooms right according to your taste.

We have the best remodeling plans for every budget and requirement and we ensure serving you in the fastest manner to prevent any inconvenience. Get in touch today and have helpful consultations regarding all your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

We Are Available Round The Clock 

The basic renovations cost around 10,000 AED to 30,000 AED. For mid-range bathroom remodeling projects, you can expect to pay around 20,000 AED to 50,000 AED. As for luxurious renovation projects, the pricing starts from 50,000 AED. We provide detailed cost estimates.

Usually, 3 to 4 weeks are required for minor structural changes and cosmetic remodels. A standard scope full bathroom remodeling can take around 5 to 7 weeks whereas more complex projects with customizations and detailed MEP works can require up to 10 weeks or more.

The latest bathroom design trends include Transitional, Spa-inspired, Eclectic Styles, textured surfaces, matte finishes, tiles with large formats, earthy tones, bold accents, muted pastels, and the addition of freestanding tubs, floating shelving, statement lighting and smart features.

The foremost factors to consider before a bathroom remodeling project are defining a budget and timeline, deciding on a design layout, getting necessary permits, selecting suitable materials, evaluating additional needs, and comparing different contractors for overall pricing.

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