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Fixit Abu Dhabi stocks the widest range of premium-quality, heavy-duty, and durable sisal carpets in Abu Dhabi. Amazing discounts are available on new collections!

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And we welcome you to grab the ideal carpeting solutions for your homes and offices, entirely on a budget. Our sisal carpet Abu Dhabi is an all-natural floor covering that is free from all sorts of toxins and will make your place incredibly comfortable.

At our store, you can choose this floor covering from the widest possible design range and complement your surrounding decor with eco-friendly carpeting. Our experienced team will help you select the perfect sisal carpet that fits your style and budget.

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The Outstanding Choices Of Sisal Carpets We Provide

Our sisal rugs and carpets come in unique and classy design profiles to go well with every sort of interior and exterior. You can have them in both neutral and bold colors, prints, and patterns, as per your liking. We also offer the flexibility of the format for different areas.

Wall To Wall Sisal Carpet: for complete floor coverage and maximum comfort.

Sisal Stair Carpet Dubai: for presentable staircases and added safety.

Sisal Modular Carpets: for easy-to-handle temporary floor covering.

Sisal Outdoor Carpets: for perfect eye-catching decors and seatings outdoors.

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Our Sisal Carpeting Varieties in UAE 

We offer specialized options of durable, hard-wearing sisal floor essentials for residential or commercial use. These carpets require easy maintenance and are affordable too, making them a practical choice for any purpose.

Get Custom Sisal Fiber Carpets For Additional Perks 

We also provide precise customization services to make these carpets fit your taste and area requirements. You can get the size, shape, thickness, color, pattern, and finish of these natural carpets customized right according to your lifestyle. Besides, we also provide high-quality carpet underlay for these carpets and rugs. In addition to that, you can also benefit from custom carpet & Rugs fitting patterns and temporary or permanent installations with us. Call now to discuss your needs!


Top Features Of Our Sisal Fiber Carpeting

If you prefer completely natural and eco-friendly decor, these carpets will be the ideal floor treatment for your places.


Hypoallergenic Structure
Adding them improves indoor air quality, preventing allergic reactions.


High Safety
With this carpeting, you can make your floors completely anti-slip.


Easy Upkeep
They are stain-resistant and UV-proof, plus entirely effortless to clean.


Better Energy-efficiency
It provides both insulation and cooling for reduced energy expenses.


Book Our Sisal Carpet Installation At Affordable Rates

We also provide fast and budget-friendly carpet fitting and styling services. With our excellence, you can save yourself from all the trouble of misconduct and faulty measurements. You can get your favorite carpets installed both temporarily and permanently over every subfloor and staircase type. Just request a free quote!



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Fixit Abu Dhabi is amongst the top-tier carpet dealers in UAE and the shop that you can trust for every decor improvement need of yours. Sisal Carpets are one of our trendiest products, come with matchless durability, and will provide you with delightful comfort.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

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Yes, sisal carpeting can be vacuumed and it’s a preferable idea to use the brush attachment. Besides, the vacuum cleaner should also have powerful suction, to ensure thorough cleaning. The vacuuming can be done once a week or more frequently, as per usage intensity.

Carpets made from sisal can only develop mold if they become excessively damp and don’t get enough time to dry. This makes it crucial to prevent their exposure to rainwater and a lot of humidity. Besides, they must be dried thoroughly after every wash before placement again.

Yes, underlayment is a necessity for every carpeting and this goes the same for sisal rugs too. The best underlay type for sisal soft floorings is a rubber-based one which will protect it from damage, keep it secured, and prolong its life. Plus, the padding also works as a moisture barrier.

Sisal floor coverings can last for nearly 15 to 30 years if cared for well. This makes these carpets a highly beneficial and practical choice for every area. By keeping your sisal soft flooring safe from moisture damage and rough usage, you can easily make it last for longer time periods.