How Much Does an Office Fit out Cost in UAE

How Much Does an Office Fit-out Cost in UAE

Office fit-out reflects the potential and productivity of every business in UAE. Office fit-out cost varies depending upon the multiple factors. The United Arab Emirates is popular for its iconic and premium business hubs in cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. UAE offers a wide range of office fit-outs options for business community. In this blog post, Fixit Abu Dhabi delves into the crucial elements of office fit out costs in the UAE, exploring the key factors that influence the budget for creating a productive, modern, and functional office according to your novel requirements. Whether you’ve a startup or an established business corporation, your office fit-out project cost will be influenced by a blend of multiple elements like location, workspace size, selected design, and other considerations.

Elements Impacting the Expense of an Office Fit-out

Elements Impacting the Expense of an Office Fit-out

We have enlisted all possible elements that should be under-consideration while estimating the office fit-out cost. All these elements would be variable according to your needs and desires.


Location has a dynamic and great impact on any business office. Generally, prime locations require a high budget and expenses such as rental cost and cost of construction materials.

Size of Office

It will be variable according to your needs, adjustments, and business plan. Large office fit-out will be costly and require a high quality of materials.

Design and Customization

The office designs and customization may vary depending upon your requirements and preferences. Highly complicated designs and styles require a high budget.

Technology Infrastructure

Nowadays, technology is the best tool used in any type of business. In technological terms, electric cables, internet facilities, CCTV cameras, and communication devices will be required.

Quality of Materials

Utilizing the high quality and durable materials will be costly due to their long term efficiency. Durable materials and accessories are expensive as compared to regular materials.

Furniture and Equipment

Furniture and Equipment

The cost of office furniture and equipment should also be included in your entire budget plan. Because furniture such as tables and chairs are the basic requirements of office maintenance.

Electrical and Data Management

While building an office, you should also consider the complete electric supply system cost. It would include the cost of wires, electric boards, and electric appliances used in offices.

HVAC and Climate Control

HVAC stands for Heat, Ventilation, and Air-conditioning. HVAC is one of the foremost requirements of modern offices in UAE due to the hot and severe climate. By installing an HVAC system, you can optimize the interior temperature of your office.

Project Management and Professional Fee

You need to hire a professional project manager while building an office fit-out. This will probably increase your cost of construction.

Compliance and Regulations Cost

Besides all other expenses, compliance and regulations cost must be added in your whole budget plan. These regulations are set by local bodies and require some features.

Eco-friendly Green Building

For developing the eco-friendly and green office fit-out, you need to install eco-friendly devices and green grass. These elements require extra cost in your entire budget plan.

How to Reduce Cost of Office Fit-out

How to Reduce Cost of Office Fit-out

  • Start the project with well defined plannings and budget will be key sources in development of office fit-out in minimum budget.
  • You should prioritize the basic needs of office fit-out over personal desires.
  • Use of the entire office space in a better and sophisticated way is another crucial factor that affects the cost. You should utilize open layouts, multifunctional furniture, and flexible workstations for space optimizations.
  • All available and old office accessories such as furniture and fixtures should be reused to reduce the cost of office fit-out.
  • Buying all office fit-out components such as furniture and construction material in bulk. This will reduce the budget by purchasing goods from the wholesale market.
  • Always try to get multiple quotes from different suppliers, contractors, and service providers. It will give a way to utilize the suitable and cheap service.
  • It makes sure to collaborate with workers and engineers to find best and suitable alternatives of different techniques and materials.
  • If you focus on use of sustainable, environment friendly, and energy efficient materials, it will be highly beneficial for you in future.
  • If you don’t have a complete budget for your entire office fit-out, then try to consider a phase approach system where you can use the budget in installments.
  • Good project management is an excellent key factor to reduce the possible budget. If you hire a professional, dedicated and experienced manager for your fit-out development, it will surely affect your budget.
  • Always try to source materials and laborers from local areas because sourcing from local areas is cost-effective as compared to ordering materials from outside regions.
  • Discuss with contractors and suppliers about contracts terms and regulations.
  • Transparency is one of the best tools for the success of any system. It must be ensured to maintain transparency across all the dealings.
  • It must also be ensured to invest in durable and high-quality materials and products. Because durable and high quality products require less maintenance.


In conclusion, vigorous and hasty business environment of the UAE demands a premium office fit-out to reflect your productivity and potential. However, It will be an investment in your company’s success, productivity, and better image. As Fixit Abu Dhabi emphasizes the exploration of office fit-out costs in the UAE, it’s explicit that creating a customized workspace comes with a range of considerations. From the prestigious business places of Dubai to the thriving metropolis of Abu Dhabi and beyond, the costs can vary significantly. The key takeaway is the understanding of important factors that are cost-effective and sustainable. By understanding the factors that influence costs and making better decisions, you can build a premium office fit-out with all possible use of technologies and customizations.

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