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Enhance your window styling by adding our venetian blinds Abu Dhabi window covering. We also offer customization and installation services for these blinds.

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Venetian Blinds in Abu Dhabi

Shop Premium Venetian Blinds Abu Dhabi for Upgraded Privacy

Fixit Abu Dhabi presents a fascinating and trendy selection of Venetian window blinds manufactured using high-quality materials. Using modern technology, these traditional slats are designed with adjustable orientations to control the amount of light, heat, and privacy in any space.

Heavy-duty wood, aluminum, timber, wood, metal, & PVC make our blackout window coverings long-lasting additions to any residential and commercial space. Also, our PVC Venetian blinds Abu Dhabi offer excellent performance against outdoor atmospheric and environmental conditions.

High Quality Slat Window Covering

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We Offer Maximum Customization Options For Venetian Blinds Dubai

Give your living rooms, offices, and kitchenette a personalized touch by selecting the desired Venetian shade size and custom options we facilitate you with. You can select any style from our catalog to suit the diverse preferences of window dimensions, interior schemes, and moods.

You can pick faux wood, bamboo, aluminum, metal, plastic, PVC, and vinyl for materials. Additionally, you can select dark to light tones, smooth to intricate textures, and standard to custom sizes. Our window blinds customization services are meant to give you the flexibility to personally adorn your windows.

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Customized Option

Customized Venetian Shade For Window

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Different Types Of Our Venetian Blinds Abu Dhabi

We craft premium wooden Venetian blinds Dubai for smooth operation and ideal coordination with any interior setting. These sophisticated style window coverings are built utilizing different types of natural and synthetic materials and, hence, are categorized perfectly to sync the user’s desired aesthetics and appearance preferences. Based on the material option, you can choose your style with perfection.

Wooden Venetian Blinds

Wooden Venetian Blinds

Our faux and bamboo wood coverings are crafted using sustainable materials that last-long for years.

Venetian Vinyl Blinds

Venetian Vinyl Blinds

Our vinyl panel shades are the most affordable, luxurious, and water-resistant option.

Venetian Metal Blinds

Venetian Metal Blinds

These are highly durable, long-lasting, and easily maintainable options for covering.

Aluminium Venetian-Blinds

Venetian Aluminium Blinds

We craft these window coverings as horizontal slats for ideal light and privacy control.

Venetian Blinds Projects

Prominent Benefits Of Our Venetial Window Blinds

Our adjustable louvers afford you the means to manipulate sunlight, creating tranquil environments to your liking. In addition to an impressive array of colors and designs.

  • They allow higher levels of privacy by positioning the slats at desired positions.
  • They help optimize the energy efficiency by minimizing the heat loss in your living space.
  • Also, they are hard-wearing and damage-resistant, hence, easy to clean and maintain.
  • They have more hygienic characteristics because they don’t trap dirt, dust, and grime.
  • Additionally, they are suitable for a variety of settings whether residential or commercial.
Sleek Venetian blinds Dubai
Venetian Window Blinds By Fixit Abu Dhabi

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Elevate your window style by hiring our specialized team for the Venetian blinds installation service. We send the most skillful and experienced installers who have mastered the techniques to fit any window treatment. We always focus on inspections and accurate measurements to ensure the efficiency and flawlessness of the process.

Also, we double-check the entire mechanism to ensure the installed window coverings function well. Aside from that, you can get our extraordinary treatment of fixing any damaged slat or broken hardware. We provide heavy-duty blind accessories as well.

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Why Choose Us For Venetian Blinds in Abu Dhabi?

Fixit Abu Dhabi is a trustworthy supplier that provides you with heavy-duty horizontal slat window coverings to style your residential and commercial spaces. To upgrade your windows, you can choose from a variety of window covering materials and styles through samples.

We provide you with our premium quality, damage-resistant, and traditional style affordable blinds in Abu Dhabi & Dubai with a guarantee and warranty. From sampling to customizations and shipping to installations, we ensure flawlessness and excellence in our services.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

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These traditional window coverings are made from highly durable materials but their lifetime depends on the usage extent and maintenance schedules. The average lifespan of these coverings is about 7 or 8 years which can be prolonged with the proper maintenance.

Yes, undoubtedly they are the perfect choice for your bedroom windows. You can add next-level privacy and have efficient light control because of the adjustable louvers, helping you make the environment optimal according to your moods and functional preferences.

Yes, these blinds can be installed in bathrooms because they are water-resistant and are made from highly sustainable materials. These shades made from aluminum materials can withstand the bathrooms’ moist or damp conditions and provide complete privacy.

In addition to maintaining privacy, these window blinds will also allow some amount of light into your room at the same time. You can also control the amount of light with these coverings by installing them in the areas that get a lot of sunlight.