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We at Fixit Abu Dhabi, offer a stylish range of blinds in roman style, these blinds are a great way to save money on window treatments. call us to place you order now.

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Roman Blinds

Tranform Your Space With Our Trendy Roman Blinds Dubai

If you are interested in adorning your place on a less budget, then our roman style blinds are the perfect choice you will ever have.

Fixit Abu Dhabi offers the most trendiest and the most unique roman blinds that will definitely make your room mesmerizing and admirable.

Being stylish and efficient in working, our roman window blinds are now becoming the top choice of people nowadays. Ours outclass roman roller blinds promise to give your homes and offices a trendy and classic look.

The Creative Crafting & Dimension Of Our Roman Blinds Abu Dhabi

We manufacture these roman shades by using high-quality materials to make them long-lasting. These materials include polyester, blackout, or fiberglass/polymer sunscreens.

Our roman blackout blinds have a minimum width of 300 mm and the maximum width is 2500 mm.

The drop of these roman blinds curtains ranges from 600 mm to 2500 mm. These blinds have a maximum area of 6m2. The space between the stacks is about 280 mm.

Roman Blinds

Functionality Of Our Roman Window Blinds

Blinds are window treatments that are tight-fitting to the window and made from firmly woven fabrics. Our roman window blinds provides one of the perfectly effective ways to avoid transmitting heat through windows.

For optimum energy performance, you must choose blackout or room-darkening fabric blinds, with a white or light color facing the window.

Our energy-saving electic blinds in roman style come in a wide range of colors, textures, and patterns and give you ornamental and functional benefits at the same time.

Roman Blinds Abu Dhabi
Roman Blinds Abu Dhabi

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Roman Flat Fold Blinds
roman Flat Fold blinds

Types Of Roman Blinds We Offer in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Our extensive range of roman-blinds Dubai are as below:

Roman Hobbled Fold Blinds

These blinds have a classical approach and create the image of the ancient era. Have more fabric in a loop and is perfect for darkening.

Roman Relaxed Fold Blinds

This type of roman window blind create a vertical layout instead of horizontal layout and the bottom is draped loosely or covered with waves.

Roman Flat Fold Blinds

They have a number of options with vibrant colors and distinct patterns and are the best choice for shallow French doors. Mostly hang in a streamlined layout.

Unbeatable Features Of Our Roman Blinds For Windows

Our roman window blinds have many matchless features, out of which we mentioned some below:

  • Roman-blinds offer great privacy.
  • Roman shade are very much energy-efficient.
  • These blinds are cheap and do not make a painful blow to your pocket.
  • Give a clean, tidy, and soft look to your interiors.
  • Good for smaller windows.
Roman Blinds

Our Wide Collection Roman Blinds Images

Take a look at our newest collection of roman style blinds.

Want Blinds Installation or Repair? We’re Ready To Start!

Shop Versatile Roman Blinds By Fixit Abu Dhabi

These blinds are generally used in indoor settings. You can install them on the internal side of your window where you want privacy, heat, and light control.

Roman Blinds Dubai are used in the bedrooms, living rooms, boardrooms, offices, common areas, and in restaurants as well. By installing these blinds you can get a home-like feel and enjoy casual styling as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

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The roman blinds are made from insanely durable materials so that they can keep up the looks of your space for years. They have an average lifespan of 5 to 7 years.

Roman blinds can instantly add to the elegance of any type of room. They promise you better privacy and a perfect blackout. Also, serve as a shield against harmful sunlight and UV rays.

You should make sure that your roman blinds perfectly rest on the windowsill when closed. This will ensure that a minimum amount of light enters your room so that it may remain dark.

Typically, roman blinds should be hung inside the window nook, outside the window nook, or you can install them in the window frame as well. These orientations will give you the best results.