How To Layer Sheer & Blackout Curtains? A Complete Guide

How To Layer Sheer And Blackout Curtains

Blackout and sheer are the two distinct and seamless window covering options. In this guide, Fixit Abu Dhabi emphasized unique window styling– How to layer sheer and blackout curtains. By adopting this combination, you can get extra light and privacy control with stylish window finishing. If you want to take the initiative in the DIY project for hanging curtains in layer styling, start now with no waste of time.

Layering Sheer With Blackout Curtains | A DIY Approach

Layering sheer with blackout curtains requires a basic understanding of curtain fabric material, color, pattern, and style. To get a personalized look, you should also know the perfect curtain height, layering order, and heading style. We have also highlighted some salient factors to consider before crafting a layering of these two custom-made curtains.

Layered Window Treatments: Options Galore

Layered Window Treatments Options Galore

Simple layering of both these curtains just provides privacy, light control, and insulation. If we add some elements, we can get a more aesthetic and elegant look. To make this layering more unique and stylish, we can use valances, shades, or blinds. By adding patterned and colorful valances, you can upgrade the ambiance of this window styling. Furthermore, by using shades, you can also optimize light control and privacy with a decent window covering.

Layering Sheer & Blackout Curtains: Factors to Consider

We have recruited a couple of effective factors to consider while layering sheer and thick-fabric curtains for a highly functional window treatment.

  • Order Of layering
  • Right Curtains Choice
  • Measure Window Size
  • Proper Heading Style
  • Curtains Height
  • Colors & Texture
  • Light Control & Privacy
  • Use Of Accessories

1- Select The Order Of Your Layers

Select the Order of Your Layers

Basically, there are two orders for layering both curtains. In one order we use the blackout curtains on the top layer and sheer custom-made curtains as a base layer. In this case, sheer curtains can only be seen when you close the front thick-fabric curtains. In the second order, we can choose sheer curtains as the top layer and thick curtains as a base layer for sleck window treatment.

2- Choose The Right Curtains

For crafting the best layering combination of these two curtains, we need to consider the best fabric material, pattern, style, and color contrast.

To craft an eye-catching combination, we should opt for patterned sheer with versatile colors. We can choose polyester, linen, chiffon, or organza-like fabrics for this curtain. These fabric materials come in a variety of hard and neutral colors. On the other hand, always choose a high-quality solid-colored blackout drape for layering with sheer. However, for both these curtains, you can choose any material, color, pattern, and style per your place’s interior theme and preferences.

3- Measure The Window For Layered Curtains

Pick the Proper Heading Styles

Choosing a perfect and stylish style for the headers of both these curtains ultimately enhances the aesthetics and functionality of your window covering. However, selecting an appropriate header style for these curtains depends on the layering order.

Heading For Blackout Curtains

For blackout curtains, pleat and pencil pleat are the two most suitable header styles for better window functioning. Whether you’re hanging blackout drapes on the top or base layer, these two heading styles are excellent for blocking light entirely. These two versatile styles ensure the minimum light leakage from either window side.

Heading For Sheer Curtains

For styling the header of sheer curtains, first of all, we need to consider the desired order for layering. If we’re going to hang the sheer cotton curtains as the top layer and thick curtains as the base layer, you should opt for the same header style as light-blocking curtains to create uniformity. On the other side, if you want to fix sheer curtains as a base layer and others as a top layer, then there is no need to match both curtain’s header styles. Because in this order sheer curtains are hidden behind the other curtains.

5- Mount Hardware At The Appropriate Height

Mount Hardware at the Appropriate Height

While layering these window curtains, determine an appropriate length to craft a unique and contemporary look. For blocking the entire sunlight, it must be ensured that your curtain hanging rod is 10-12 inches above the window top edge. Moreover, always keep double the width of both curtains compared to the window distance between the right and left edges.

To ensure the perfect length for curtain layers, consider which curtain is on the top and base layer. If you’re going to fix thick curtains as a top layer, the sheer curtains should have a shorter length than a blackout. On the other side, if sheer curtains act as the top layer in front of thick ones, keep the length of light-filtering curtains more as they can touch the floor surface.

6- Consider Curtain Styling & Accessories

For better functionality and layering management, using the tiebacks option is a wise choice. The use of tiebacks in sheer and blackout layering provides comprehensive control over light and privacy. However, using tiebacks also adds elegance and a contemporary look to your window. By installing tiebacks, you can easily adjust the curtains to a desired position.

Wrapping Up!

It is concluded with precise remarks that hanging both sheer and blackout curtains in layering not only provides complete control over light and privacy but also adds decency to your window. By considering our effective guide, you can easily make a perfect combination of both these curtains. You would be able to choose the right curtain, order, heading style, height, and accessories.

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