Get Stylish Granite Flooring At Low Price

Fixit Abu Dhabi aim to offer new design modern range of flooring at an incredibly low price range. We offer Granite Flooring in an exclusive range of patterns and colors to choose from.

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Granite Flooring

Make Your Floors Look Luxury With Our Granite Flooring

Granite is very dense and Sturdy stone, the density and durability of this granite stone make it more stable and withstand different wear and tears. Granite concrete flooring is actually an igneous rock that forms when it is exposed to high heat.

The granite flooring means granite tile floor. It is installed in the form of tiles that can add instant beauty to your space and elevate the looks as well. These tiles come from granite rock and are then processed to make them look shiny and luxurious.

The Manufacturing Process Of Our Granite Floor Tiles

The stone from the igneous rocks is brought to the factory. Under the inspection of our experts, that is then treated with the basic chemicals and undergoes different processes to convert the raw material into usable material.

This raw then after processing is cut down into tiles and we polish the surface to give a glance and shiny look to the tiles known as granite flooring.

Best Granite Flooring Abu Dhabi

Some Technical Properties

The structure of our granite floor tiles is crystalline and contains different minerals as well. These minerals include quartz, feldspar, and mica. The unique colors, patterns, and textures are because of this particular mixture of these minerals as we move across the different varieties of granite floor tiles.

Water absorption capacityis 0.1-81%. The density ranges from 2.50 to 2.78 g/cm3. The flexural strength is 824 MPa. The compressive strength of EPDM FLOORING is 60-198.2 MPa. Shore Hardness is 92 HSD.

Granite Flooring
Granite Flooring

Want Flooring Installation or Repair? We’re Ready To Start!

Our Granite Flooring Porjects

Take a look at our recently transformed Floors in UAE.

Want Flooring Installation or Repair? We’re Ready To Start!

Granite Flooring

Furnish Your Floors With The Most Attractive Granite Tiles

Granite is one of the most attractive and long-lasting flooring solutions. With the perfect glossiness, granite tiles can bring life to the floors of your interiors. Granite flooring Dubai is a perfect choice if you are classy and look for products of exceptional quality.

Besides style these granite tile flooring has many functional benefits as well, if you have damping issues then use granite tiles on your floors they will protect your subfloor from moisture as well.

Features of Our Granite Tiles

Granite floors has many features and they are irresistible as well. If you are planning to opt for a granite floor then you must know about its most striking qualities.

  • It is very resistant to moisture and prevents your subfloor from moisture damages.
  • Very well-suited for radiant floor heating and offers comfort under feet.
  • Granite floors has an intrinsic property to provide in-floor heating.
  • Because of its strength, it can last for a lifetime.

Buy Versatile Granite Flooring For Any Space

Because of its resistance to blistering, scratching, and dazzling heat, granite flooring is the outstanding choice in natural stone for up to the minute floor coverings. These granite tiles flooring are widely used in both commercial and domestic places.

You can use them as wall tiling, for making kitchen worktops, on the floors of kitchens, bathrooms, offices, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, hallways, and at many more places as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

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Like other sandstones, the granite flooring tiles and flooring are extremely slippery in wet conditions. As they have very high quartz content which makes the surface very slippery when wet.

Typically, granite floorings are very long-lasting, resistant to stains, and require a very low maintenance cost. All these factors make granite a preferable choice over marble that requires to be maintained after regular time intervals.

Yes, granite is a totally waterproof material. But we suggest apple sealant after its installation to avoid any type of water seepage into the subfloor. Granite prevents your subfloor from moisture damages as well.

As we all know very well that granite is such material with optimum strength and insane durability. It can keep its looks maintained for years and can last up to a lifetime.

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